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Clare Reddaway

About Me

Hello and welcome to Clare Reddaway’s writing website.  I write scripts, short stories and the occasional article.  I live in Bath.

I love stories: writing them, reading them, listening to them, eavesdropping on them.  I like stories as a form of performance. I’ve read my stories to anyone who will listen at events and festivals around the south of England, for years. I also write plays, a different version of story-telling, but stories none the less. I love radio.  I like the worlds that voices can create in the imagination.  I love the intimacy of sound.  I enjoy the way my words and stories sound when taken and transformed by actors and directors.

I believe that stories are the bedrock of being human and I find creating, tangling and untangling them a source of constant fascination.

Most of my activities reflect this story-love.  So, I run a regular live short fiction event in Bath called Story Fridays, with wonderful collaborators Caroline Garland and Olly Langdon of Kilter Theatre. We’ve been lucky enough to have many fine writers from the south-west and further afield treading the boards since we started in 2012.  I have a small company, A Word In Your Ear, which specialises in different kinds of new writing. Through A Word In Your Ear I have recorded stories for Bath Hospital Radio and received funding to produce and direct an audio play.  

Recently, I have been fortunate to have had a number of plays on stage around the country. All of these plays have a strong narrative backbone, but often play with theatricality and form.

In the past I worked for the BBC and Granada Television as a script editor and drama development executive and for independent production companies as a documentary researcher and producer. This took me to a variety of places: Sao Paulo… Birmingham … Soho…  I have worked in a College of Engineering in Zhengzhou in central China, at a radio station in Hong Kong and in a homeless hostel in Bath amongst many other places.  I have an MA in Creative Writing from Bath Spa University.