The Guts Of A Mackerel

“Who’s Bobby Sands?” she asked, as she laid the fish on the face of a smiling young man with long wavy hair. “And what’s a hunger strike?”

On a family holiday to her dad’s Irish homeland, Eve’s concerns about impressing local boy Liam are confronted by the stark reality of political and personal divisions during the Troubles. Former friends have turned into enemies, and this country of childhood memory is suddenly a lot less welcoming.

“Clare is a genius at opening doors into her stories, in this case through the eyes of an eager young girl whose world is about to become bigger and scarier than she ever imagined. Each detail is intricate and immediate. The overall impact is emotional and long-lasting. Everything a good story should be.”

- Sarah Hilary, best-selling author of the acclaimed D.I. Marnie Rome series.

"Highly recommend: a brilliant, wrenching page-turner about The Troubles." - Rose Drew

Available to buy for £5.99 from Fly On The Wall Press