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A dramatic and energetic new play which poses the question: what would you do?

In 1916, the army was running out of soldiers. Far too many were being slaughtered in the mud of Northern France. So the government passed the Military Service Act, imposing conscription on the British people for the first time in their history. Some men said no.

I Said No explores the struggle of one of those men, Arthur Ballard, as he follows his conscience and objects to killing his fellow man. Inspired by historical accounts, I Said No is theatrical, engaging, thought-provoking – and still topical.

It was commissioned by Bath Quaker Meeting to commemorate the centenary of conscription.  It was directed by Carolyn Csonka and was a Rapscallion Production.

“The dialogue is crisp and evocative, and the cast are resourceful, versatile actors whose portrayal of the various characters is always vivid and often moving.”  [Theatre Bath]

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